Internet Censorship

ozatheist on December 22nd, 2008

Because most people are stupid. Well, that’s the inference I get from Senator Conroy’s response to my comment on the governments website. Some while back the government opened their pathetic excuse for a blog where people could respond to the ISP Filtering debacle [side note: there are now 768 comments on his ‘blog’, I wonder [...]

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ozatheist on December 9th, 2008

When someone decides the picture on an album cover is offensive and adds it to a black-list then everyone suffers. from Wikipedia added to child pornography blacklist Wikipedia has been blacklisted by a British online child pornography watchdog, causing almost every internet user in Britain to be blocked from contributing to the site anonymously. The [...]

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ozatheist on November 20th, 2008

Here’s a bunch of things that have come my way the last few days: God Trumps playing cards – very funny ————————————- Internet Filter prophesy ————————————- And speaking of the Internet Filter. There is a new political party here, the Australian Sex Party (I kid you not) due to commence it’s campaign this weekend in [...]

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ozatheist on November 14th, 2008

I recently sent a letter to both my local MP and Senator Conroy expressing my dismay at the idea of the Internet filter (see No Clean Feed in side bar). Today I got a reply from my local MP. If you would like to read it please download the following links: Page 1 Page 2 [...]

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ozatheist on November 12th, 2008

The absolutely ridiculous idea of our ‘so called’ Minister for Communications has featured in the news again. This time, Michael Malone, the managing Director of one of the largest ISPs has agreed to be involved in the trials. But there is a twist, he’s agreed to be involved,  to provide the Government with "hard numbers" [...]

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ozatheist on November 2nd, 2008

china porn, chinaporn, china, porn, internet censorship Until recently these were the three main searches leading people to this blog. After finishing this post I’m guessing they’ll be back at the top of the list. The absolutely ridiculous idea of the Australian Labour Party, and in particular Stephen Conroy, trying to censor the Internet has [...]

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ozatheist on August 4th, 2008

Interesting to read Sean’s blog on Friday discussing Senator Conroy’s plan to filter porn via Australia’s ISP’s, and then to read about the outrage when it was discovered that China had censored the Internet to the international media at the Beijing Olympics. For the few people who may not have heard the story, the IOC [...]

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