Sorry for the delay, but here’s my quick review on East West 101 from last week.

It seems like this show is going to cover every nationality and religion by the time it’s finished. This week (well last week actually, seeing as I’m writing this 4 days after the event) centered on a couple of drug dealers, and an innocent bystander, being shot and the hunt for the killer(s). A couple of the suspects were of Pacific Islander descent, so Sonny plays a bigger role in this episode. The main suspect was Greek, and the drug dealers were Lebanese (I think I remembered that right) so we cover a few nationalities tonight.

Meanwhile Ray is completely disintegrating and being investigated by the internal affairs squad in reference to the murder of the drug dealer who sold the drugs to his son.

This week the religion covered was Catholic or Anglican (didn’t quite get which) of which the character Sonny used to attend the particular church in this episode. There is an excellent scene where Sonny is trying to get some information from the priest/minister. Sonny accuses the priest of not helping the unemployed youth in his parish, as he says:

If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem.

Sonny accuses the priest of knowing that most of the money that the women were donating to the church came from the ‘ill gotten gains’ of their sons; but not doing anything about it.

usual disclaimer – I try and remember what happens and then write my view on it; so some details may be a bit inaccurate.

This weeks episode covers the slaying of a Vietnamese couple.

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