I’m all out of original thoughts today, so here’s a few trackbacks to some blogs I read today:

Daylight AtheismOn the Limits of Knowledge

Not A BlogBad Atheist Responses to Christianity

No More Hornets‘ rather silly Presidential campaign

I also got around to reading the rest of comments on Sean the Blogonaut‘s – Doesn’t Atheism require as much faith as belief in god?

and, the excellent comments by Richard explaining evolution (quite well IMHO) at Fiery‘s Chicken or the Egg post.

One last one, a funny church sign at The Frame Problem.

Which brought me to a thought, that there are so many good blogs out there it’s hard to keep up with reading them all.

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3 Comments to “Some light reading”

  1. AV says:

    Daylight Atheism’s post is particularly apposite to the discussion on the “Is god real?” thread.

  2. OZ,

    Agree on the good posts and keeping up with them. Have been inundated by good discussions on my own blog and good posts from my subscriptions. I spend at least every second day wading through other peoples thoughts.

    Cheers for the shout out.

  3. Thanks for the shout-out but I don’t know why you think my presidential campaign is any sillier than anyone else’s.

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