WineyMomma has very graciously bestowed an award on me:

Candy Hearts Award

I sometimes wonder if what I’m doing here has any worth. Then I get an award like this, and some very nice comments to go with it, and it makes my day.

update 25 Jan 08

I figured I should pass on this award to other deserving blogs, of which I like to get a ‘Daily Dose’ of, so here goes:

AV at Five Public Opinoins, he’s always happy to provide feedback on my blog and his was one of the first blogs I started reading regularly.

Sean, of course, at Sean the Blogonaut, and

Exterminator at No More Hornets, apart from inciteful commentary, he often provides a good laugh as well.
and his bid for presidency really is no sillier than many others :lol:

This award originated at Heart of Service as a way to recognize blogs you frequently read that make you laugh, cry, think and feel. There are many blogs I try and regularly read because I get something out of them, but I’ve limited myself to awarding just three. Feel free to pass on this award, Xandra just asks to leave your URL on her site.

I’ve added a new Religious Blogroll on the sidebar, this is for blogs written by religious people who I think have something worthwhile and interesting to say. It’s just beneath the Atheist Blogroll which lists blogs written by non-religious people who I think have got something worthwhile and interesting to say.

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