Well it seems that nothing would convince some people that God exists/doesn’t exist, but at least you provided reasons why.

The aim of the original discussion was to make you think what might convince you.

The Thinker AwardSo I have created ‘The Thinker Award’, to be given to the person who, IMHO, thought about it the most. You all provided some good input. AV provided the shortest scenario, and, as usual, some excellent discussion points(perhaps AV should get a permament thinker award). Several people questioned how would you know its God, not some other supernatural or alien being? WM‘s story was heart-warming, though I thought the punch line was going to be her dad gave money to all the poor people in case one of them was God.  ;-)

However, there can be only one winner, and the award goes to:
***  Saved Sinner 2.  ***
SS2 provided a couple of scenarios that might convince them, and also was honest enough to realise that sometimes no matter what is said:

… no evidence will make a difference to believers [or] non-believers…

The award is purely my arbitrary opinion, no correspondence will be entered into. :-)
Thank you all for your input.

If anyone want’s to use the thinker award on their blog feel free, the award should be given to the person who you thought has thought the most, or, made you think the hardest.

The thread is still open, so if you want to add a hypothetical scenario which would make you believe/disbelieve in God, feel free.

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