Latest update – someone at MySpace has restored Bryan’s Atheist and Agnostic Group, though some of the old users are still banned.

Now, there is no way to know if the backlash from the atheist community had anything to do with this, MySpace may have always planned to fix it. To be fair to MySpace this problem originated when someone hacked Bryan’s account, and MySpace ceased the account to help fix the hack. The problem in Bryan’s eyes was the time MySpace were taking to re-instate his group.

However, it was certainly interesting to see so many people commenting about the one thing at the same time.

Maybe atheists do have a voice after all?

I’d recommend all atheist and agnostic MySpace readers to join the group to show your support.

I now have a MySpace account, Find me on MySpace and be my friend!, but don’t expect too much from it as this blog is still my main forum.

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