A few weeks ago Hemant posted about a German children’s book, which he termed “the god delusion for kids“. A couple of days ago he posted that the book is now available in English for free. The pictures can be viewed separately here.

The book tells the story of how piglet and hedgehog find a poster which says “He who knows not God, is missing something!”. So piglet and hedgehog go on a journey to find God and in the process  talk to a rabbi, a bishop and a mufti. In the end they decide they weren’t missing anything in their lives after all.

The books aims are to make children realise they are not missing out on anything without religion and God, and that respect has to be earned, not assumed.

Some people have stated the book badly caricatures the three religions and their leaders. Personally I thought it was hilarious and had some very valid messages.

Download yourself a copy of the book and have a read, make sure you look at the accompanying pictures. Piglet looks a tad worried in this one:


Happy reading, let me know what you think.

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7 Comments to “Which is the way to god please?”

  1. controlling chaos says:

    not sure what to believe either……. O why do humans make things worse and harder to understand…….

  2. wineymomma says:

    right now the monsters seem content with theology. When they start asking questions about why we believe and what we believe I hope I am prepared to agree to disagree with them

  3. seantheblogonaut says:


    That is very progressive of you and difficult no doubt. Good luck :)

  4. controlling chaos says:

    lookout that friar tuck might eat that pig in a few seconds….

  5. Christoff says:

    Hi there,

    I came across your site as I was searching for Atheist Blogs and thought it was a really great site! Loved snooping around a bit!

    Keep it up and have a look at my site as well – also a lot of atheistic posts

    Christoff Gouws

  6. This should be a good book for kids. Thanks for sharing. Will check it out…

    Critical Critique

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