The SMH has two articles today on the Twelve Tribes religious sect (or should that be cult?) and how they may be trying to woo recruits at their Common Ground cafe at the Royal Easter Show.

Now I’ll admit I’ve never heard of this sect before, but the second article raises some concerns. The article discusses how children as young as two have been spanked, with a “reed-like stick” up to 60 times in one day. It also mentions how workers work up to 20 hours a day for no pay:

Sometimes you were working 20-hour days, for no pay. There’s plenty of money coming in, but no one who works there ever sees any of it.”

Hmm, a religious sect making lots of money off the members who don’t see any benefits of it, and the leader(s) leading an extravagant lifestyle. Where have I heard that before?

This says it all

But questioning the elders was also strictly prohibited. “We were told that reasoning was the same sin as witchcraft,” he says.

How odd, a religious sect that doesn’t want their followers to reason.

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