Austin Cline from has created some Christian Propaganda Pictures in the style of those old WWI/WWII posters.

As Austin says:

As outrageous as the Christian Right’s overall agenda is, their specific arguments and beliefs can be worse.

The idea behind developing these posters was to satirise the beliefs of the Christian Right. These might be funny if you didn’t realise some people actually think this way!

Here’s a few of my favourites:


Scrap the Constitution

It’s interesting that the more countries worry about terrorists, the more they imprison their own people.

The Atheist

What are the religious really worried about? Like, they are so out-numbered … Not.


Back to the propaganda pictures, the OH will love this one … Not.

Fortunately not all religious groups expound this principle.


For the whole set (41 pictures) with explanations behind the idea in the poster, plus a brief description of the original poster, check out Austin’s Christian Propaganda Posters.

Hat Tip to Friendly Atheist


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