Sean the Blogonaut has been doing a tremendous job keeping us all up to date on the Mercy Ministries story. For those of you not in the know see below for a brief synopsis. Anyway Sean has opened his blog to raise the profile of the girls adversely affected by the Mercy Ministries program. His proposal is to allow the survivors to guest post on his blog.

X MercyIf you are a survivor or know someone who is, or are interested in providing any ‘insider information’ on Mercy Ministries please contact Sean. Details are in this post on his blog.

Mercy Ministries, the story so far:

Mercy Ministries, which has strong ties to both Hillsong church and Gloria Jeans coffee, runs centres that supposedly help young women with various problems ranging from teenage pregnancies, alcohol and drug abuse, self harm, depression, suicidal thoughts and eating disorders. However, some of their tactics are rather dubious and include prayer and exorcisms.

A couple of weeks ago newspapers broke the story of several girls who had been traumatised by the, so called, help from Mercy Ministries, this is one of those stories.

The media and several bloggers latched onto the story, and Gloria Jeans tried to distance themselves from both Mercy and Hillsong; and Hillsong tried to distance themselves from Mercy. Investigations (read through the many posts and links on Seans Blog) have shown that Gloria, Mercy and Hillsong are quite involved with each other. In fact, Senator Allison put a motion through Parliament to have the dealings of Mercy investigated, unfortunately the right wing religious Liberal party members managed to defeat the motion.

Currently there are only two of these Mercy places in Australia, but they are planning to expand. Pressure needs to be put on Mercy, Hillsong, and to a smaller extent Gloria’s, to at least fix their current problems before opening any more places.


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4 Comments to “Mercy Ministries – stories from the program”

  1. wineymomma says:

    I have been feeling particularly paralyzed by the volume of revolting stuff coming down from the conservative religious community recently. To the point of feeling physically ill!

  2. ozatheist says:

    Matt’s Notepad has done an excellent job of providing links to all Sean’s writings so far, plus plenty of links to all the news reports.

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