As part of Catholic World Youth Day (C-WYD) they are transporting a large cross around Australia trying to drum up interest in C-WYD. Compass (ABC1, Sunday nights) last night had a documentary about the carrying of the cross, which they compared in a way to the Olympic torch relay, through a few rural towns in Victoria.

I won’t discuss what I thought about this show and the people in it, I just wanted to highlight one thing. At the very end of the show there was a young girl (maybe 8 yo) who walked up to the cross, crossed her self then touched the cross reverentially.

There was just something about that whole scene which summed up the brainwashing and indoctrination that happens within the church. Here was this young girl genuflecting so naturally it looked like instinct, and touching the cross like it meant more to her than anything else in life.

As far as I know humans are not innately born with an instinct to conduct the Catholic crossing of oneself. I can’t see any inherently useful function for the survival of Homo Sapiens by having this instinct built in. So for this child to be doing it so naturally she must have been trained from a very young age – brain washing, indoctrination, muscle memory training, child abuse; call it what you want, but is it right?

You can track the journey of the cross at the C-WYD site. It looks like I missed the opportunity to see this as it went my way months ago, pity NOT. Some of you still have the opportunity to catch the journey of the cross, it’s in Melbourne, Hobart and Perth in May, then WA country in June, before returning to Sydney for the C-WYD in July. Looking forward to it, NOT.

Perhaps someone could walk along with the cross carrying this placard, education for the youth is essential you know:

jeus saves


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  1. Yeah I missed it here as well.

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