There seems to be conflicting reports on the impact of the Catholic World Youth Day (C-WYD). The SMH reported: Keep out if you’re not a pilgrim, warning of all the road closures in  Sydney due to C-WYD. Sydney has been warned that

The disruptive impact of World Youth Day would be as great as the Asia-Pacific Economic Co-operation summit and the Olympics combined, …

Sydney city workers have also been urged to take leave and work from home.

Sydney council will close off lots of roads for the expected hordes of catholic youths and all the volunteers needed to look after them.

Obviously someone didn’t look at this other report in the SMH, which ran with the headline: For the love of God, come all ye volunteers and pilgrims. It looks like predicted numbers may not match the actual numbers expected to turn up.

WITH less than 100 days to go until World Youth Day, the Catholic Church faces a huge challenge: it is banking on 125,000 international pilgrims landing in Sydney, but so far less than 10 per cent of that number has been granted visas for the six-day event.

They are also short on volunteers

The church says it needs 8000 volunteers, but so far it has 4000 …

The NSW government is supposed to be recruiting 2,000 of these volunteers, so far it only has about 80! In the more ticker than tickertape article it also states

… the State Emergency Service has received 66 applications for its 150 volunteer positions.

Seems like there isn’t a whole lot of interest from the non-Catholic section of the community to volunteer to assist; surprise surprise. Also seems that not too many catholic youths are interested either. We’ll wait and see how many actually turn up.

Either way, it is going to be a nightmare getting around Sydney for the days during C-WYD. All those road closures for all those ‘hordes’ of catholic youths, I just hope they appreciate it!

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3 Comments to “C-WYD – crisis for Sydney or just a crisis?”

  1. Sammy Jankis says:

    Remeber all of those scathing headlines from the Murdoch Press during the anti-war protests back in 2003? Can we expect to see something similar regarding C-WYD?

    Sydney traffic was plunged into CHAOS today as thousands of Catholics descended upon the city for Catholic World Youth Day *To be read in Today Tonight style voice-over.

  2. Sammy Jankis says:

    Damn. Remember, not “Remeber”. Curse my lack of proof-reading skills!

  3. ozatheist says:

    one can only hope

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