As well as various other organisations, it appears the Rabbitohs (South Sydney Rugby League Club) are supporting the building of a new Hillsong mega-church in Sydney’s inner city. The proposed church has met with some opposition from locals who say it will flood the streets with noise and traffic.

Not to mention flooding the streets with looney religious cult members. Who, amongst other things, think it is quite OK to cure eating disorders by performing exorcisms. (see Mercy Ministries stories here and the new Mercy Survivors web site)

Now I don’t follow rugby (or Thugby as the OH says) but I’ve never quite picked these guys as church goers? I can’t work out why they would be backing the building of a church, particularly a Hillsong mega-church. Are Hillsong members big rugby fans?

A spokesperson for the action group opposing the construction stated:

I think … – they’re just jumping on the Hillsong bandwagon.

Perhaps the Rabbitohs don’t know about the current controversy of Mercy Ministries and Hillsong’s support of them? Otherwise they might not be so quick to jump on any ‘bandwagons’. If there are any Mercy survivors who are also rugby fans, you might want to let them know.

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3 Comments to “Rugby and Hillsong – an odd mix.”

  1. Bill says:

    Bro, u r oh so spot on abt this lot. They r nuthing but truble.

  2. ozatheist says:

    The South Sydney Rugby club have somewhat distanced themselves from the new Hillsong church debate, In the letters to the editor today comes this:
    “I may have given the impression that the club is taking a position that it is not.” from Chris Keeble the Rabbitohs corporate relationship manager.

  3. I wouldn’t put it past Hillsong to pay clubs off for their support. In fact their lack of action over Frank Houston leads me to think they would do almost anything

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