Well I was quite disappointed in not seeing any media coverage of the Operation Reconnect protest marches. Neither Channel 9 (NBN), SBS or ABC had any footage last night. Either they didn’t think it was news-worthy enough, or the the marches were so peaceful they thought it was too boring.

At least today’s Sun Herald newspaper had some coverage. The article Why I Fled Scientology, an interview with a former high-ranking member of the Church of Scientology who is

… calling for the religion to be “totally dismantled” because of the human rights abuses he says it inflicts on its followers.

also mentioned Anonymous’ worldwide protest action yesterday, citing that the

Local members protested outside the church’s Australian headquarters in Sydney’s Castlereagh Street.

The aysd.org group has re-printed the article and has also posted some photos from yesterdays protest on their Flickr site.

L.Ron says that the protest in Toronto Canada was a success, and has posted a link to the media coverage in Canada so far.

I’ll post any other local media coverage as/if it happens.

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