Happy Mothers Day to all the blogging Mums. I’ll assume you will be too busy getting showered with gifts and being looked after by the family to be blogging today, but hope you had a good day anyway.

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5 Comments to “Happy Mothers Day”

  1. s keita says:

    So asking a question is weird? You’re narrow-minded even for an atheist.

    Have a nice die, mite.

  2. ozatheist says:

    for other readers,
    s keita’s response comes from comments made by them and by me at Matt’s Notepad.

    asking a question isn’t weird, but asking a weird/odd question maybe. I thought the question itself was a bit weird so said s keita was weird, and perhaps that was a bit un-called for (I was trying to be amusing following the statement in which I called Platypus weird; though I haven’t had any Platypus calling me narrow minded (at least not yet!)). :-)

    I’m struggling with the phrase narrow-minded even for an atheist.
    The only thing an atheist stands for is not believing in any gods. Being an atheist doesn’t necessarily make you narrow-mined, or even open-minded. Though atheists tend to be more open-minded because they question things more (one of the reasons for becoming an atheist was being open-minded about religion enough to question it.)

    PS. S Keita – you are welcome back any time, I’ll call a truce. I’ll stop calling you weird and you can stop calling me narrow-minded.

  3. AV says:

    Someone should introduce S. Keita to the argument from incredulity fallacy. “Mr. Keita, this is the argument from incredulity fallacy. I don’t believe you’ve met.”

  4. S Keita says:

    Yes, I read the Wikipedia article sometime last year.

    Examples: I can’t believe a God would permit disease.

    I can’t believe all those professors of biology are wrong about evolution. Especially when they call questioners “idiots”.

    I can’t believe monkeys aren’t related to men. They look kind of similar.

    I can’t believe we can’t get Zimbabwe/Myanmar/Sudan to do what we want. All we have to do is scold them.

    — Strange Wikipedia hasn’t translated this unanswerable proof into any other languages.

  5. S Keita says:

    This is fun. Thanks for the new game.

    I can’t believe there’s a problem with 2 sexes evolving pari passu. After all, TalkOrigins says “Many hypotheses have been put forward for the evolution of sex.”
    If there’s many theories, one of them must be right.

    Regards to Dame Edna.

    11.10 a.m. BST

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