The stench of rotting corpses has driven the final members of the Russian Doomsday Cult out of their cave. Late last year 35 members of a splinter group of the Russian Orthodox Church moved into a cave to await the end of the world. Their leader Pyotr (also called Pavel) Kuznetsov had predicted the world would end in April or May this year.

24 members of the cult left the cave in March after rains had affected their cave. Yesterday the final 9 members left the cave after the smell from the rotting corpses, of two of the members, threatened to intoxicate them.

A small article in today’s SMH (print) alerted me to this so I did a quick search to find further details, here are some links:

  • SMH
  • ABC News
  • IHT – background story from 15 Nov 07
  • Al Jazeera – most detailed, with links to stories from Nov and Mar.

From the Al Jazeera article:

Pavel Kuznetsov, their leader, predicted the apocalypse for April or May this year, but would not join them underground, saying God had different tasks for him.

He reportedly told followers that in the afterlife, they would be judging whether others deserved heaven or hell.

Hmmm, I wonder what Kuznetsov’s task was?

Kuznetsov has been charged with setting up a religious organisation associated with violence.

That’s an interesting charge, I wonder if other countries have that?

It’s amazing how deluded some people can be, and also sad that two people died because of it.

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One Comment to “Doomsday Cult leave cave”

  1. Wow, they managed to rationalise it until May 17. The bodies must have been stinking for a while, and stench is ultimately something you acclimatise too, so I suspect it was just a way of saving face. “It’s not the absence of an apocalypse that has driven us out!”

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