This has nothing to do with religion or politics, it’s just hilarious and bizarre. Any news article with the words: penis, steel washers, surgeons and fire brigade equipment in it, is just begging to be read.

A man was operated on in Hornsby (just north of Sydney) Hospital early today to remove 16 stainless steel washers from his penis.

Fire Rescue Officers spent more than an hour unsuccessfully attempting to remove the washers, before the man was taken into an operating theatre about 4.30am.

Surgeons took about 90 minutes to remove the washers using fire brigade equipment.

Makes your eyes water just thinking about it.

The man was in a satisfactory condition.

It is believed the only lasting damage may be to his pride.

I wonder if he’ll be on the talk show circuit anytime soon? :lol:

3 Comments to “Surgeons cut 16 washers from penis”

  1. Eyes watering right now my friend. I guess he was a plumber?

  2. Fiery says:

    ouchee! ooohchee! wtfuckchee!!!

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