Popped onto one of the news sites and spotted this headline:

Brothels are bearing the brunt of Australia’s belt-tightening as the spiralling cost of living takes its toll on the world’s oldest profession.

It seems there has been a drop off ‘in business’ lately as people become short of spare cash due to rising interest rates and high petrol prices. As the article said:

‘Cassandra’, from Sydney’s Club 121, agrees that 2008 has seen the sex industry at the mercy of economic pressures like never before.

“There’s been a significant drop off since the start of this year,” she said.

“I think that because some people are doing it so tough, they are holding onto their money and can’t afford to spend it recreationally.

The article is funny as well as being a bit sad. Not only does it highlight how economically tough it is for some people at the moment. It may also mean that many brothel workers become unemployed (brothels are legal in some parts of Australia). I had to read the whole article, of course, but I truly wasn’t prepared for these statements:

And despite media reports claiming the sex industry will receive a huge boost in business from the Catholic Church’s World Youth Day next month, all Sydney brothels contacted by ninemsn laughed off the suggestion.

“We’ve heard the rumours and we’ll be prepared just in case, but we won’t be putting any extra staff on,” Cassandra said.

“No doubt the event will bring a lot of people into the city, but whether they’re interested in what we have to offer, I highly doubt it.”

That just made my day.


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5 Comments to “Brothels face down-turn as Economy slumps”

  1. They should head west. Lots of cashed up horny miners in WA

  2. half rabbit says:

    the sex industry will receive a huge boost in business from the Catholic Church’s World Youth Day next month

    I would have expected that but didn’t know that brothels were allowed employees young enough.

  3. peakoil fundie says:

    The end is nigh people…………
    The non-atheist among you better pray for oil…..

  4. Tex says:

    yeah, I haven’t visited one this year, I must admit.

  5. T&A says:

    You know things are bad when hookers are hurting!

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