$35M to build hybrid cars or $95M to support a misogynist, homophobic old man and his thousands of deluded followers? I know where I’d rather spend our tax dollars; hint: it’s not on the guy in the pointy hat. What about you?

The world is running out of oil, hybrid cars may not be the best method to slow the use, but something needs to be done. Australia needs to reduce oil usage and greenhouse gasses, and we also need to maintain a technological edge. I think Rudd’s offer of $35M (and Victoria’s offer of subsidies – amount and type undisclosed at this stage) to Toyota to build hybrid Camrys in Australia is a good start.

It’s disappointing when you here politicians, like Senator Abetz, saying that “the funding is a waste of taxpayers’ money”. I never heard him complain about the waste of taxpayers’ money on the the massive funding of Catholic World Youth Day.

It has been pointed out that Toyota were already considering building hybrid Camrys in Australia. As Japanese motoring industry analyst Koji Endo points out:

“Obviously some sorts of support from the government or some sorts of subsidy does help, but probably this is not the decisive factor.”

from Rudd rejects protectionism claims, one of the many stories concerning Rudd’s announcement.

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4 Comments to “Who would you choose? The Pope or a Hybrid Car?”

  1. From memory that senator is an evangelical. He probably thinks that the world will end before we’ll need the car.

  2. peakoil fundie says:

    The non-peak oil aware among us are just as deluded as the religeous we criticise so readily. If you believe the world will carry on happy motoring with some form of alternative short of cold fusion after the oil age, you may as well concede you also have a false belief system.

  3. ozatheist says:

    I thought this post would get a response from you peakoil :-)
    Yep, oil will eventually run out, and the sooner we reduce its use the longer it may last. Ultimately we need to find lots of different alternatives.

  4. T&A says:

    If them Pope wants to visit anywhere, it should be on his dime!

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