Catholic World Youth Day (C-WYD) organisers had planned to remove trees from a park in Surry Hills. Good to see the local residents pleas have been listened to and the trees have been allowed to stay. Residents had planned to stage further “peaceful but determined resistance”, so the C-WYD organisers decided not to cut down the trees.

It’s a pity that it had to get this far. As if the C-WYD wasn’t disrupting Sydneysiders enough, they wanted to cut down a few trees just to provide freer passage for the pilgrims?

In other news today


The C-WYD organisers announced the new social networking web site for C-WYD pilgrims. The site is called Xt3, which stands for ‘Christ in the third millennium’.  A bit like Facebook, but for the faithful, as one of the JJJ news announcers said “They should have called it Faithbook”


The Canadians have followed Australia’s lead and said “Sorry” to their indigenous people. 

The Canadian Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, has delivered a long-anticipated apology to tens of thousands of indigenous people who were ripped from their families as children and sent to boarding schools where many were abused as part of official government policy to “kill the Indian in the child”.

“The Government of Canada sincerely apologises and asks the forgiveness of the aboriginal peoples of this country for failing them so profoundly,” the Prime Minister said. “We are sorry.”

The response from one of the indigenous leaders:

Mary Simon, an Inuit leader, told the house: “Let us not be lulled into believing that when the sun rises tomorrow, the pain and scars will be gone. They won’t. But a new day has dawned.”

Which is what it’s about, saying sorry won’t immediately heal the pain of the past, but it’s the start of a way forward.


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One Comment to “People Power Beats Papal Power”

  1. Faithbook, give me a break.

    There have to be more Christians out there than any other religious group(at least in the west. What a gimmick

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