SYDNEY Lord Mayor Clover Moore plans to kick Pope Benedict XVI and the six-day World Youth Day festival out of the council-controlled Hyde Park for failing to pay their bills on time.

I’d love to see that match Clover V Pope. cue WWF style MC: In the red corner, weighing in at 85Kgs, his papalness looks fighting fit, but in the blue corner, Clover, 2005 kick boxing champion, looks hard to beat. cue raucous WWF style crowd: Go Clover!

The extraordinary stand-off between the City of Sydney supremo and the pontiff follows the Catholic Church’s failure to pay a $150,000 bond for use of the park by a 5pm deadline on Friday.

and the Catholics are so poor.

The Lord Mayor supports the event but wants to make sure that Hyde Park, part of which may be

closed for up to three months after World Youth Day to repair damage from thousands of Catholic pilgrims treading on the turf,

receives due funding for the necessary repairs and re-turfing.

… but now, just weeks before it’s due to start, organisers are backing down on a commitment to fully fund the cost of restoring Hyde Park to its pre-WYD condition.

Hey, Catholic Church, you know you have the funds, just cough up.

I applaud Clover standing up against the Catholic World Youth Day, its organisers and the Pope, and trying to ensure that Hyde Park is suitably rehabilitated after the C-WYD event.


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8 Comments to “Clover versus God”

  1. They are doing gods work though – surely it should be free….lol hahahhahahahahahaha

  2. Oh, if only we Americans had a politician brave enough to stand up to the Catholic Church.

  3. AV says:

    Given that one of the star attractions of WYD is a cadaver, I hope Clover Moore prevails in name of good taste!

  4. Poodles says:

    That is how the catholic church stays so rich, by not paying for anything.

  5. T&A says:

    I like this guy Clover, seems like he’s got balls!

  6. ozatheist says:

    I think Clover Moore would be a bit surprised if she found she had balls, but I’m sure she’d appreciate the sentiment that she’s “got balls” (in the sense she’s strong willed).

    She must be doing something right, Clover’s been an MP for Sydney since 1988 and the Mayor since 2004. She’s one of the few people to be both an MP and Mayor.

  7. CASE says:

    WYD is a complete waste of money. Have you seen the ruckus over on ABC Unleashed resulting from a Bishops statement that Australia is a Christian country and we should be tolerant of WYD. Seems 90% of the Australian (Blogging) public are outraged:

  8. ozatheist says:

    CASE, welcome and thanks for the link.
    Don’t know if I’ll get to read all 900+ comments though!

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