Hi all, I’m back.

I’ve just been reading about the shootings at a church in Knoxville Tennessee yesterday, due to which two people have now died. It is always a tragedy when someone goes on a shooting spree and kills or injures innocent people. Whilst the unfortunate event which happened to me recently (which I am still suffering from, and will be for a while) was, how can I say this politely, quite distressing. I guess at least I haven’t been shot and severely wounded or killed, like those poor unfortunate people in Tennessee.

My sympathy goes out to all those affected by this latest church shooting.

Interestingly at WSAZ.com they have an unconfirmed report from a neighbour who says

she has known church shooting suspect Jim D. Adkisson, 58, for a few years … that Adkisson has a problem with religion that stems from a childhood of being forced to attend church by his parents.

The neighbor says Adkisson believes the Bible contradicts itself.

Adkisson isn’t alone in being forced to attend church as a child or in believing the Bible contradicts itself. But hopefully no one else takes the radical action of taking those frustrations out by shooting church goers.

As the saying goes: there is always someone worse off than you. Which is easy to say, but not so easy to believe when the tragedy directly effects you.


Whilst I’m back blogging, my posting interval may be a bit erratic for a while, I still have a lot of things to sort out. Bear with me I’ll do my best, and expect to see me visiting your blogs as much as I can.


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6 Comments to “A Tragedy bigger than mine”

  1. CASE says:

    Glad you are back.

    You are right, its shocking when anyone resorts to violence.

  2. vjack says:

    Good to have you back. I’ve been dying to ask you what you think about this: http://tinyurl.com/djp36

    Could it be that the American South has a parallel in the Aussie South?

  3. I believe there were two tragedies. One had to do with the shooting. The other with the prostitution of the church and its message. Not that both were on par with each other, both were nonetheless tragedies. In one, two people lost their lives. In the other, the church lost its purpose. “Annie”? What does a play about “Annie” have to do with the message of the church?

  4. poodles says:

    Good to see you back. Hope things get better soon.

  5. ozatheist says:

    Thanks for the positive replies everyone, hopefully I’ll make it worthwhile for you to return here to read my blog.

    vjack, I’ve had a quick look at that link and will do a post on it, it has piqued my interest but I had something else to write about today. vjack have you already done a blog on this, if so post the link.

    Apologies to vjack and all, but I doubt I’ll have time to read all your past posts from the last missing month of my life. If you think I’ve missed anything really good feel free to leave a link here.

  6. ozatheist says:

    Robert, an interesting reply, and possibly a whole topic on it’s own. You are not the first to question if the church has lost its purpose, but what would that purpose be?

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