An update to my review of the book “The Atheists Guide to Religion” by William Harper.

Following my review of Bill’s book (plus feedback from other readers) he has made some changes, including combining the two eBooks “The Atheists Guide to Religion” and “God Replacement Therapy” into the one book titled “God Replacement Therapy“. He’s also got a slightly new front cover and added a bibliography at the end of the book for those interested in further reading.

The book now has as lightly different aim, rather than just enlighten atheists about religion, it aims to enlighten everyone why the inbuilt instinct for spirituality can lead people to become religious, and how to overcome that.

Less spiritual people may find it easier to renounce religion, but they still need to realise that it is not enough to simply discard it. It must be replaced with something more positive.

The book provides some steps to replacing God with something much more positive. As well as reasons why the spiritual instinct is in us and how that is manipulated by religious leaders.

I like the idea of having just one book and the bibliography is helpful. I also like how he is now aiming the book to a wider audience. As he says on his site:

That’s why everyone who has ever questioned the role of religion in their lives should read God Replacement Therapy: not just atheists! 

You can download the new sample chapter, which includes the new front cover and bibliography, or order the new eBook, from Bill’s website.


PS. I’m not getting any payment, or kickbacks, from Bill for these reviews. It’s just that Bill recently sent me an email informing me of the changes, so I thought I’d let everyone else know. I’m also a bit chuffed that my review helped bring about some (hopefully) positive changes to someone else’s manuscript.

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  1. Will have to look into it after my holiday to queensland

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