or do great minds think alike?

That was the question in my mind when late yesterday (21 Aug AEST) I check my RSS feeds for The Friendly Atheist and Pharyngula (I tend to only check these guys every few days) and what do I find?

Friendly Atheist has reported The Gospel of Lies about the lying pastor, as I did in my Shock, Gasp a Pastor Lied post.

Pharyngula has reported What year is it, anyway? about the Exorcist priest as I did in my Exorcist Says Promiscuity can Lead to Demonic Possession post.

What’s happening here folks? Now I will guarantee that I did not look at either Hemant’s or PZ’s blogs before I wrote my posts and due to international time differences I can’t work out if mine were posted before theirs anyway.

I guess, as was discussed recently elsewhere, sometimes there are only so many stories to write about and co-incidentally we all just happen to write about the same thing.

I’m just peeved that PZ got over 270 comments for his post (which personally I think wasn’t as in-depth, critical or funny as mine) and I got a measly 3.  :-(

Additionally I tried posting two comments on the news site reporting the lying pastor, but neither of them got posted. Mmmm

You’re not paranoid if they really are out to get you.

In late breaking news, I check my site this morning, and what do I find – Bruce at The Thinkers Podium has also written about the lying Pastor! His rant is rather good and worth a read for a different viewpoint on this saga.

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12 Comments to “Am I being Leached”

  1. CASE says:

    Its the quality and not the quantity of responses.

  2. John Morales says:


    You’re being etiolated?

    I think you mean leeched :)

  3. John Morales says:

    PS Consider 3:270 = 1.1%.

    What’s 1% of PZ’s readership?

    You should probably feel flattered, if anything :)

  4. sexorcista says:

    Appears that my comments at Friendly A weren’t welcomed – I see that yours OzA too, have both been deleted. How does that make you feel?

    Why..I don’t know. One of my comments was a direct copy of the one that appears here..its a ‘friendly’ greeting to you ..yes!

    I haven’t read much of your blog yet or the one you recommend…..but I”m looking forward to it., At least your site isn’t so heavily censored as Friendly A’s appears to be. …all in the name of keepin’ it ‘friendly’….weird thing to do?

    Maybe you should do a piece on the price of fame – selling your ‘soul’ for site hits?

    (wry sense of humor)

  5. ozatheist says:

    John, I stand corrected, and I’ve learnt a new word – etiolated; cheers.

    sexorcista, thanks for the heads up, I’ll try and check what happened. I’ve exchanged personal emails with Hemant in the past, and I’d be surprised if he has deleted our comments.

    sexorcista, if you don’t have a blog, how would you like to write a guest post here on ‘the price of fame’?

  6. ozatheist says:

    No conspiracy here folks.

    I queried Hemant from FA and he kindly replied, as follows:

    The server was switched over the course of the past day or
    two. I believe all the data gathered in those times (posts and comments) were deleted. No fault of yours. It happened to me, too. Grr….

    So anyone who commented on The Friendly Atheist the last few days may, like sexorcista and I, have had their comments accidentally lost in the Interweb somewhere. Hemant says he is happy for people to repost their comments, see he really is friendly.

  7. vjack says:

    I have wondered about this too. I am trying to be careful not to accuse anyone of anything without more information, but I have noticed that there is a certain prominent atheist blog out there who has done this to me far more than any other blog has. This particular blog rarely seems to use the commonly accepted convention of crediting the original post (e.g., H/T to …). The fact that this particular blog gets quite a bit more traffic than mine does make me wonder sometimes. Still, I’m not sure it is worth picking a fight over.

  8. sexorcista says:

    okay…thanks very much for looking into it Ozatheist not that I expected you to put yourself out. I did know about the server change but just last week or so, I’ve had more than a few comments about my ‘directness’, tone, use of slang and abbreviations and then finally the frequency of my postings on the forum!! Really Weird if you look at the post counts of other members. After all that…I guess I was entitled to jump to conclusions. And I’m always skeptical. I have a different slant on religiosity to the crowd at FA? I try to stay clear of loyalty to any philosophy.

    About blogging generally…its annoying when posts/comments on forums/blogs are swipped without notice or link. I’ve had this happen to me heaps of times but that doesn’t bother me as much as censorship or manipulation.

    I tend to search out the less frequented blogs for something more creative and not bloody regurgitated repeats of the same old…same old.
    Site traffic doesn’t mean anything….doesn’t mean a person is reading or enjoying the material but that they may have a ‘following’ ..fuck that! *laughs*

    I don’t blog.

  9. sexorcista says:


    Have your read the lastest follow up on the “I’ve got cancer” Pastor..?


    He blames his addiction to pornography for his lying. Religous Guilt strikes again….but isn’t that some creative logic.

    Christianity is an irrational response to lifes challenges.

  10. ozatheist says:

    top find sexorcista

    yeah, good logic there, porn made me lie about having cancer to my deluded followers.

    so not only is he a liar he’s (probably) also a hypocrite, these religious leaders are always decrying porn as the root (pun intended) of all evil.

  11. sexorcista says:

    Ha..Yes sex sells …especially for the religious/christians.!

    back to leaching…

    I don’t know – is it even worth posting on the Friendly A forum or the blog?

    Posts are being deleted (or something) at Friendly A forum today – I haven’t heard.

    For me..its about an exercise in critiquing christianity rather than going along with the flow… of avoiding it ??

    Don’t know?

  12. I wold have comented but I was savingyour posts till near last – delayed gratification you see.

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