if that makes any sense.

Darwin Small On Friday whilst driving home I again spotted the car with the Darwin Fish emblem on the boot, or at least I thought I did.

This time I managed to get a bit closer and found out it was actually the Darwin Fish Cat, or is it the Darwin Cat Fish?   whatever.

Cat Large Anyway, A quick search on the Interweb (Google is God) and I found it, plus many more.

So, if Ms Darwin Fish Cat / Cat Fish sees some dude following her home; don’t be afraid, be very afraid.  :twisted:   Just joking.

I’m going to get me one of these bumper stickers, and, along with my scarlet A sticker, if Ms Darwin Cat sees me, please wave. (Honestly, I really am quite harmless)

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On a completely different note:

If there really was a heaven, then I’d like to spend some quality time with Kate Bush as she was in the “Running up that Hill” video. Or maybe the Babooshka video; heck, anything by Kate back then.

That’s what happens when you stay up late drinking and watching Rage.

What would your version of ‘heaven’ be, because the one usually described in the bible seems dreadfully boring?

At least I think I can answer for Poodles; it would have something to do with a fair bit of “quality time” with a certain TV host. Hmmm, methinks if I just grow my hair a bit longer, don’t shave for a few days (suddenly become 20 years younger) ……  (or maybe not)  :)

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6 Comments to “The Darwin Fish Cat”

  1. vjack says:

    I wish I could join you on the stickers. Sadly, I can’t even risk an Obama sticker without my car being vandalized.

  2. Poodles says:

    Yea, that would be about right. I would even take John Stewart too.

  3. Poodles says:

    Yea, that would be about right. I would even take Jon Stewart too.

  4. Poodles says:

    Ugh. sorry.

  5. sexorcista says:

    Well spotted!

    Yeah..I’ve seen that site before. I love the idea of taking the mickey out of Google but I haven’t seen the sticker on a car yet!

  6. Bruce says:

    Ah, Kate Bush. My first childhood crush. I must have been a bit more innocent back then, I’d expect a little more flesh on a girl these days.

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