More allegations of sexual abuse by a catholic priest, this time at a prestigious Catholic boys boarding college in Bathurst (NSW Australia). These allegations go back some years, and the priest was arrested some months back, but, for whatever reason, the story is all over the media today. Police are appealing for anyone with information or concerns to come forward. Another article at even talks of a paedophile ring operating at the school.

Whilst looking up the above story, I spotted another very disturbing story about the Kenja cult. It appears that cult members disguised themselves and put on fake auditions for a play in order to harass one of their members who had recently left.

The papers are full of interesting articles today, I bet this will get a few people upset. It appears that a legal loophole means the $5000 baby bonus can be claimed for late-term abortions.

And an update on the lying pastor, imaginatively titled Porn pastor’s wife vows to stand by him. I can understand the “stand by your man” mentality, though I’m sure it will be very difficult for her. It will be hard to get past the lies and deceit that had been going on so long. But it’s good to see that:

… her faith in God had remained unmoved throughout the ordeal.
“At times like this, it’s just a stronger resolve,” she said.


I’ve been a bit distracted the last few days, plus I’ve been preparing for the Carnival of the Godless (only 2 more days to get those submissions in), so apologies for lack of posts and quality thereof.

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  1. Fiery says:

    “I’ve been a bit distracted the last few days,”

    A good distracted or “my boss is Satan’s anus and he thinks I’m his hemorrhoid” sort of distracted?

  2. The pope might have to revisit Australia and re-apologize.

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