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Abortion prevents emergency care.


That’s right you heard it here first, if the Victorian government legalises abortion (hopefully the Upper house will pass the bill soon) then Catholic hospitals could be forced to close emergency departments. So says Melbourne’s Catholic Archbishop Denis Hart, who also says relaxed abortion laws amount to an attack on religious freedom.

No Archbishop, relaxed abortion laws give rights to women, to allow women to be in control of their own bodies. It allows women to feel less guilt about having an abortion. I understand some women feel guilt, remorse, or upset about getting an abortion; making it legal is one less obstacle in their way, one less worry for them.

The Archbishop thinks it’s contrary to Catholic ethical codes, all I can say is the Catholic church needs to reconsider their ethics.

Close emergency and maternity wards thus putting possibly hundreds of lives in danger just because you think ‘every sperm is sacred’ doesn’t cut very good moral codes with me. What do you think?

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14 Comments to “Abortion Laws Pose Threat”

  1. This is over requiring by law, the doctor to refer someone for an abortion if it goes against their moral conscience. The law is not requiring that they perfom them but rather they offer the woman choice.

    That they would stop so low as to hold the people of the state to ransom over services speaks volumes about what this is about, control. Control of women and control of the populace.

    We don’t do deals with terrorists do we :)

  2. Chris Gray says:

    As soon as I read this I jumped straight over here, only to see that you’re still very much on the ball. :)

    How hypocritical can they be to threaten people with their health?! The fact that the government is even playing ball with this ludicrous “moral” threat saddens me greatly.

  3. ozatheist says:

    exactly Sean, it seemed to me a thinly veiled threat.

    welcome Chris, thanks for the kind words. I would have been on the ball even early, but I had some work to do first. :)

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  5. wineymomma says:

    I have asked this question before and can’t remember the answer—Is Catholicism the state religion in Australia?

  6. Chris Gray says:

    This from an honorable source:

    [b]There is no state religion in Australia, the establishment of which is prohibited by the Constitution.[b]

    Oh, and the source was indeed Wikipedia. ;)

  7. AV says:

    Lawrence Kohlberg is instrucive here. That the Catholic Church is prepared to put lives in danger by throwing a tantrum because the state won’t make laws in accordance with Catholic dogma, serves to demonstrate how morally primitive this institution really is.

    And the next time a Catholic (or any other Christian) wants to tell you how morally inferior you are because he mindlessly obeys a sky-fairy and you don’t, here is one more piece of evidence that that individual is full of shit.

    Closing down emergency and maternity wards . . . it’s what Jesus would do.

  8. CASE says:

    Yes, clearly bullshit. A legal obligation on doctors to carry out abortions in life threatening situations is just a statutory implementation of the existing hypocratic oath – or do catholics think special rules apply to them in respect of their existing obligations.

    And in relation to state law requiring a referral, this is just common courtesy. To say that catholic doctors shouldn’t offer a referral is silly, those women could just get a clinics number from the phone book – but – then they would have to incur the extra fees of seeing a GP in order to get a referral letter. All of which would increase the pain and suffering of the woman, during what is already a stressful event.

  9. CASE says:

    PS: Chris – its section 116 of the Commonwealth Constitution that prohibits the establishment of a state religion.

  10. AV says:

    All of which would increase the pain and suffering of the woman, during what is already a stressful event.

    Celibate men in funny robes have a hard-on for that type of thing, it seems.

  11. On section 116. I believe it was intended to be more strongly worded than the american consittution but it has been watered down in subsequent legal cases and by the previous howard dictat…regime… see

  12. ozatheist says:

    thanks for the link Sean I’m currently reading Max Wallace’s book “The Purple Economy” which discusses Section 116, plus many more things. It looks like that link is a sort of excerpt from the book.

  13. OZ,

    I have been meaning to get that book. They have dreadful distribution though. One thing that characterises Australian atheist and humanist organisations is their slow uptake of technology.

  14. ozatheist says:

    interesting article in The Age, note the author is: Greg Craven is a leading constitutional lawyer and vice-chancellor of the Australian Catholic University. So you can imagine where his loyalties are.

    haven’t got time to critique it and respond, so feel free if you want to.

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