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I found this fascinating quote today:

It is undeniable that atheist activism is desperately needed. It is also clear that we can make an important difference through even a minimal investment of time. So why aren’t more atheists engaging in activism? It occurs to me that it might be useful to address some of the obstacles to atheist activism. This post examines black-and-white thinking as one such barrier to activism.Vjack, Atheist Revolution: Obstacles to Activism: Black-and-White Thinking, Sep 2008

You should read the whole article.

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2 Comments to “Atheist Activism”

  1. vjack says:

    Thanks for the link. I’ll be interested to hear what you think of Zemanta. I’ve been using it for awhile, and while there are some things I dislike, it is helpful in some ways.

  2. ozatheist says:

    @vjack, so far I quite like Zemanta, I have the plugin for Windows Live Writer (which I’m currently upgrading both WLW and plugin). I also like the reblog feature, it’s a neat way to do quick links (like yours above).

    Interestingly I had a problem with reblog and posted a question on their forum, got a reply within the day, then a follow-up reply the next day to check the first response worked. That is excellent customer service.

    Also followed a question regarding WLW, just got the feedback today, they’ve got an updated plugin available for download. Another quick response. I’m impressed.

    What bits do you dislike?

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