The latest Carnival of the Godless #101 is up at the Lay Scientist. The Lay Scientist has a competition with his Carnival, you have to work out what the numbers are, I have no clue.


DB0 is holding the next one and he has set his sights fairly high. He’s planning on listing them within a story with the theme of Impossibilities. Good luck DB0. Lets all make DB0’s life hard and send him lots of submissions  :-)

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2 Comments to “Carnival of the Godless”

  1. Cheers Oz,

    I was wondering when this one would go up. The numbers have me stumped too

  2. Enshoku says:

    I’ll be hosting after divided by zero, with a sexy halloween edition. I did a bit of random math and just took a guess on the riddle. A shot in the dark is better than not going for it at all.

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