Pat Condell’s recent video was banned from YouTube because some Muslim didn’t like what he said. Watch the video for yourself and see if you think there’s anything wrong with it.

Knowing wordpress’ problem with embed the video link above might not work. In that case go to Pat’s website or Sean’s, where I first heard about this.

Seems like every atheist blogger on the net is talking about this, so I thought I’d join the bandwagon.

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7 Comments to “Free Speech? Not if you say anything against Islam.”

  1. Sammy Jankis says:

    Weak as piss YouTube. Weak as piss.

  2. It’s an interesting tactic. I imagine that youtube gets thousands of complaints. Get a group of people to complain about a certain video and you can manipulate the system. Mind you I think if this sort of thing can be proved, that their should be some punishment for abuse of the system.

  3. Jimmy says:

    It seems to be the same old story, hit any religion with a few cold hard facts about their hypocracy and and they will cry foul. Islam is no different from the Catholics or the Exclusive Bretheren, Scientology or any other wacko cult you can think of, it’s all about control (oh! and not paying taxes) thats what organised religion does best.
    Islam’s problem seems to be that any criticism no matter how accurate, from any quarter is violently denied, if anyone is in any doubt check Pat Condells feedback on You Tube! or the response to the Satanic Verses or even a cartoon in a Danish newspaper.
    I think the truth is, all religions have their fanatical nut jobs, it’s just that Islam’s version of brainwashing seems to reach more followers.

  4. Funny Jesus says:

    It’s really funny. I don’t think any athiest really puts things up as an attack on people or character. It’s an attack on stupidity.

    Like, if I believed that magic pixies lived on the dark side of the moon and gave me magic powers, than I’d e ridiculed for such a stupid thing, but if I could get such a belief turned into a religion, than I can complain and censor people.

  5. Jimmy says:

    Funny Jesus you’re so right, look at L Ron Hubbard’s example he’s on the record as saying something like, form a religion claim tax exemption, as we all now know he was right the Scientologists are very wealthy and now pursue anyone who criticizes their brainwashing “churches”.
    A perfect example is the takeover of the Cultbusters site, the Scientologists took them to court and won, turns out all they wanted was the name, type that name into Google and you end up at Scientology.

  6. ozatheist says:

    welcome Jimmy, too true about the scientologists. I’ve briefly discussed the scientology cult a few times but leave it up to sites like and the frame problem (though he’s been quiet since his move overseas) to cover the cult more in-depth.

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