Sitting on the balcony, glass of Rose, some snacks, listening to Ministry of Sound Chillout Sessions Vol 10, catching up on reading all the blogs in my RSS feed. So if you are 1of the 50 blogs I try and keep up with consider yourself read today.

Went for a 5km fun run this morning with funds raised going towards the Breast Cancer Institute for research (over $85,000 raised from the 3,380 runners/walkers, plus AVON donated $500,000). I’ve never seen so much pink in my life.

It’s been a beautiful warm sunny day, but it’s now starting to cloud over, I guess a storm is on the way.

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4 Comments to “Ahh, this is the life”

  1. Enshoku says:

    Sound like you all in all had a pretty good day. Good for you for running the 3 mile run, although that run seems to lack the aforementioned fun.

  2. You know all this community service might get you kicked out of the Atheist club. Sundays is for baby eating remember :)

  3. ozatheist says:

    did see, tho it appears it’s actually an art work; funny tho

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