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An update on the Aussie Atheist Bus Campaign.

I have just read the latest on the AFA forum, and could not believe what I was reading. I responded with a rather terse reply. (it’s late, I’m tired,  I’ve had a few drinks – get over it) For those of you not privy to the AFA forum (and if you are an Australian Atheist why aren’t you?) here are a few snippets:

… here is the latest information from Metro Buses in Tasmania: “Metro has considered the advertising material and feel that there is reasonable potential for the message to stimulate debate from interest groups within the community, and possibly draw negative criticism that identifies metro as the advertising medium provider.

and here is my reply:

That stuff from Metro is BULLSHIT!! WhoTF do they think they are trying to kid.?????

Um, three things:
1) Metro – you are an advertising medium
2) Since when does anyone think that the adverts on buses (or whatever) represent what the bus company (or whatever) believes in? So bus companies believe in sexy lingerie, or perfumes?
3) What is so wrong with “stimulating debate”?

I also re-iterated my support for the bus advertising campaign, no matter what the slogan is; and I also suggested that the AFA should consider supplying a TV show like 4 corners with the problems they have encountered.

I think it would make for very interesting TV viewing, demonstrating the religious cowardice of advertising agencies and transport ministries here in Australia.

What do you think?

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13 Comments to “Aussie Bus Campaign – an update”

  1. Enshoku says:

    I think you should stay away from the AFA. You will probably end up lynch mobbed as many atheists at Ray Comfort’s blog are. how populated is the forum, or do u haz linky?

  2. ozatheist says:

    here’s the link to the AFA Forum, they only have 105 members and hardly any of them post. I hadn’t been there for a while and was a bit surprised how quiet it was in there.

  3. Enshoku says:

    oh my. I can’t believe I did that… I was talking about the American family association. Sorry for the mix up, and on a side note… if the American family association has a forum, keep away.

  4. ozatheist says:

    an easy mistake to make, thanks for the warning

  5. tenquid says:

    Do Metro buses carry adverts for churches or religious organizations? Or anti-abortion counseling services? Do they carry ads for anything controversial at all?

  6. Jason says:

    Well, I can’t say I’m that surprised, and here’s why.

    1. This is Tasmania, everyone.
    2. The chosen message is a little more confrontational than the London campaigns (if only marginally)
    3. This is Tasmania we’re talking about
    4. …..
    5. Profit!!!
    6. Did I mention this is Tasmania?

    Has there been any similar response from advertising channels on the mainland?

  7. ozatheist says:

    Hi Jason, love the URL of your blog!

    You’re not Tasmanian are you Jason?

    South Australia has also been a problem. From what little I know the AFA (that’s the Atheist Foundation of Australia, not the American Family Association LOL) first inquired about the bus adverts in SA and that’s when they first found out about the problems with religion and adverting in Australia – sad really.

  8. ozatheist says:

    tenquid, I’ll try and find out and report back. Can’t say I’ve ever seen any, they mostly seem to be ads for TV shows, perfumes or lingerie (which can be a bit distracting :) )

    Though there are quite a few religious billboards around town, must remember to get a photo of one in particular and post here.

  9. Protium says:

    Hey Oz, I got a note today saying the wording has been changed to “Cherish evidence, celebrate reason”, which I guess is to do with what you’ve posted.

    Like you, I just wanna see it happen.

  10. ozatheist says:

    Hi Protium, thanks for the heads-up.
    I think I like that slogan.

    10 minutes later
    Just checked the AFA forum, David (AFA president) posted the following:

    The AFA has contacted all who have donated with an alternate suggestion which we find quite acceptable. (“Cherish evidence, Celebrate reason”) However, so far, the consensus has been to stick with the original.

    So the plot thickens. I haven’t received that email yet? But not to worry I wonder why the original is more popular?

    Anyway as you, and Nike, say “Just Do It”

    PS. Protium, how’s things going? You’ve been a bit quite lately, hope things are OK.

  11. Protium says:

    OZ, Our business is really busy so I get little time to do anything else which is a shame. Our Perth Atheists group is going strong and takes what little time left. I feel in a constant state of trying to catch up.

    When are you coming to Perth? Wanna be a guest speaker?

  12. nvoparl says:

    @ Jason. Tazzy has been Labor for yonks. Obviously the Apple Island has changed.
    & if only the bus ads were not verboten everyone wd be converted and repent of their theism and become extaticly happy like in the Soviet Union.

  13. Novparl says:

    Looked on the big red bus this morning. Only adverts were UNBELIEVABLY patronising adverts from Mayor of London, “Boffo” Johnson. Sample: No drinking on the bus. – You see that about once a year.

    Sample: little cartoon man, suitable for books aimed at 3 year olds, “I give up my seat.” Little cartoon woman with round stomach (presumably preggers) “And I say thankyou.” Jesus Cryst Allmatey!! I voted for this c### Boffo. Tho’ only to get Red Ken out.

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