Over at about.com Austin Cline has written about the significance of atheism. I particularly liked this section:

Simply critiquing religion doesn’t accomplish much — and unfortunately, that is what occupies too much of the time of many atheists. The problem is, merely attacking religion won’t necessarily cause any changes either in peoples’ behavior or in society. A better methodology is to ensure that such critiques take place within a general program of promoting reason.

I think Austin has a valid point, he suggests atheists should be debating political and consumer issues, as well as theological ones.

As an election is coming up (24 November), here in Australia, don’t be too surprised to see a few political oriented blogs over the next few weeks.

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2 Comments to “The Significance of Atheism”

  1. Cody says:

    For sure, I’m atheist and I totally agree with this

  2. Here is the problem of labeling oneself as entirely Atheist – it only says something about a very small part of one’s life.

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