I recently sent a letter to both my local MP and Senator Conroy expressing my dismay at the idea of the Internet filter (see No Clean Feed in side bar). Today I got a reply from my local MP.

If you would like to read it please download the following links:

I will be reviewing and critiquing this letter shortly, and possibly sending a reply to my MP. In the meantime if anyone would like to provide assistance please leave suggestions in the comments.

5 Comments to “Update on No Clean Feed – Internet Censorship”

  1. John Morales says:

    Well, you didn’t expect other than a form letter, right?

  2. abusedbypenguins says:

    They are going to do whatever they want and you can do nothing about it, but they will be nice while they do it. Doing a study means that they have already decided what to do but stringing it out so you won’t notice untill it’s too late. Frog ina pot of water and then turn on the gas.

  3. John Morales says:

    abusedbypenguins, you’ve triggered my pedantry: Frog boiling.

    I don’t think it’s a done deal yet, but yeah, your cynical view sounds plausible.

  4. ozatheist says:

    another update

    Here’s another Politician who has no idea. Why do we have so many brain dead morons running this country?

    A quote from his site:

    “Children and adults alike have a right to browse the internet and not be exposed to hardcore pornography and extreme violence, just as we have a right to drive down the main road, walk through the mall, or into a newsagency and not be exposed to articles of this nature.

    You aren’t just exposed to it, generally you have to go looking for it, plus there are plenty of methods for parents to further reduce exposure to it, without having to make it difficult for everyone else.
    Don’t know the last time Barnett went into a newsagency, but I’ve seen plenty of porn and titty mags in there, Sure the hardcore ones are in sealed plastic bags to prevent idle fingers having a quick glance. BUT at least they are all there for all to see and access if they want to; something the internet filter will prevent. Even with the opt-out system (why this isn’t an opt-in I’ll never understand) there will still be many sites we will never even know exist because their pure existence will be blocked from us, with no avenue to find out which ones have been blocked. Only China, Iran and North Korea have internet filters like ours will be.

  5. Justin says:

    That letter is literally sent out to everyone. Not just by that MP.

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