Oh noes, my secret identity has been revealed.


Thanks to one of my nice friends, Fiery, for mocking this up and sending it to me.

How come so many of my nice friends are into LOLcats? Oh that’s right, it’s probably due to my secret identity.

So here’s a LOLbunny to all the nice women I know.


Actually I don’t know that many women, especially in the biblical sense.  :lol:


and I don’t even play World of Warcraft!

4 Comments to “My name is Atheist, Oz Atheist”

  1. novparl says:

    James Bond – typical Brish imperial fascist! (or possibly even more violent).

    How much nicer to look at pictures of bunny wabbits.

  2. Nice one Oz, youz is some classy fella all dolled up like that :)

    Time gets away from me every day….still i will eventually comment on your recent blog about the furked financial situation.

  3. ozatheist says:

    @TTE – Ta, I trust you considered yourself as a recipient of the LOLbunny?

    No rush with the reply, seeing as it took me three weeks to finally get around to posting it.

  4. Aw thanks oz for the lolbunny ;-)

    I try to put aside a couple of hours on Sunday to eagerly read and reply to blogs but lately Sundays have become extended work hours where i try to catch up on important stuff i didnt manage to do during the week….ah…roll on the xmyth holidays!!!!

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