Here’s a bunch of things that have come my way the last few days:

God Trumps playing cards – very funny


Internet Filter prophesy


And speaking of the Internet Filter. There is a new political party here, the Australian Sex Party (I kid you not) due to commence it’s campaign this weekend in Melbourne at Sexpo (hey Sean didn’t you have some involvement with this). The sex industry is launching the new political party to counter the increasing influence of religious groups in politics and government, in particular the ridiculous Internet Filter (see No Clean feed in side bar). Reported a few days ago here.

Some more stuff on the Internet Filter. If Conroy and his loony buddies want to filter sex, violence, rape, murder, etc; then shouldn’t they also be filtering all references to the Bible on the internet, one of the most violent books ever written? Jack Marx thinks so in this excellent opinion piece, and if you have some spare time there’s over 400 comments to read. Watch the fundies get eviscerated. The bottom line is; if you don’t like it don’t read it, same goes with everything on the Interwebs (so Conroy don’t filter the thing, we ain’t China, Iran or North Korea).


Came across another great site called with plenty of resource material on censorship in general, net censorship, and the mandatory ISP filtering plan. I’ve placed a link in the No Clean Feed section in the side bar.


From the dispute on whether the New Testament trumps the Old Testament (mentioned in the comments from above). No it doesn’t. Jesus believed that the Old Testament was divinely inspired, the veritable Word of God.


Monday night TV, two different shows, two different people said “I’m an atheist”. The Hack Half Hour had a discussion on Sex and Sin, interesting in and of itself, but nice to see someone openly say they are an atheist on National TV. If you missed this show I highly recommend you watch it via the HackHalfHour website. (I’m going to download it so I can re-watch it later). The other show Good News Week and the host Paul McDermott (well known atheist and religious shit-stirrer) openly states he’s an atheist. Maybe there is some hope for Australia if we can announce on prime time TV that we are atheists, and people still love us.


Well that’s all for now, I’ve been in a blogging frenzy lately, I may take a break for a day or two. I’m sure there’s plenty of stuff to keep you busy here and in all my recent posts.

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  1. ozatheist says:

    There’s a good article on the Mandatory ISP Filtering at today (which is where I found the link to the site). From the article comes this bit of information:
    For sites hosted overseas deemed to have “unwanted” content which might be perfectly legal in their country, their site will be blocked, but:

    The person hosting the content will have no notice of it being filtered, however, and will not know it is being censored in Australia.

    So potential revenue could be lost and the person will have no idea why, and little recourse to redeem it.

  2. Tina says:

    The cards were hilarious. I especially liked the Jehovah and atheist ones! Funny!

    Now, on to checking out the rest of your links.

  3. I think you have better TV in Australia! There aren’t too many shows worth watching here, IMO!
    Have a nice break! :)

  4. novparl says:

    Re censorship. Has anyone heard of Stefan Molyneux, Canadian anarco-capitalist?
    Attacked in last Saturday’s Guardian. On Sunday night his entry had been deleted from Wikip. in English, but was still there in Spanish. Both languages still on Wapedia. Now the Wapedia English has gone (I’ve taken a copy of the Spanish review of his net radio). He’s not terribly convincing – ie claims the US State prevents people defending themselves with guns. It don’t.

    As usual, the reasons for deletion are impossible to track down on Wikip.

  5. novparl says:

    No, he’s back on Wapedia in English. I clicked on it once and got ” this page don’t exist.” Clicked on it a minute later and it’d been restored (?). Curious.

  6. ozatheist says:

    OK novparl, I hadn’t heard of Stefan, but your ravings :) have got me interested, if like me no one else has any idea what novparl is going on about then check out

    There have been a few instances of ‘hacking’ of wikipedia sites, fortunately wikipedia has things in place to comabat these problems

  7. AV says:

    I think Wikipedia has some rule about the subject of entries being “noteworthy.” The atheist podcast Dogma Free America has had similar problems with the Wikipedia censors.

  8. novparl says:

    Well, I have no interest in being protected from atheist podcasts. If Wikip uses the defence of “noteworthy”, why does it have so many pages on obscure pop groups & obscure songs? (not that we’re forced to read them)

    Campaigning for a “dogma free” US seems harmless enough. Baffling.

  9. ozatheist says:

    @novparl – baffling indeed

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