Whilst driving home this afternoon behind a car doing less than 80km in a 100km zone my mind wandered to how much of my time this person was wasting. Now sure, I waste a lot of my own time, but that’s my concern, when someone else wastes my time then I can complain?

Then I got to thinking, I know that when I die, that’s it, game over, no more credits. So all the time on earth should be precious to me. So I worked out, on average, I’ll be alive for about 42,000,000 minutes, and this slow poke in front of me is costing me some of those precious minutes.

Now this is when things got really weird, I thought what if this person in front of me is a Christian? If they are then they probably don’t care too much about losing a few minutes here and there on earth because they think they get to spend eternity in heaven.

So I wondered, would I get away with a verdict of justifiable homicide if I’d blown this idiot away? I know there is no heaven, they think there is, therefore they don’t care about wasting their time, and consequently mine, whereas I do because I know that’s all I get.

That also got me to thinking, why do Christians try to stay alive? If they believe they are going to heaven, and heaven is supposed to be such a wonderful place, then surely they’d want to get there as fast as possible? So perhaps they should all drive like maniacs, without wearing seatbelts, or paying attention to road rules. (funnily enough a little while later I came up behind a car which had the jesus fish and a ‘jesus lives’ sticker on the back, naturally I gave it a wide berth) :-) Perhaps Christians shouldn’t pay attention to OH&S, or any of those safety signs, maybe we should put Christians to work in all the really dangerous jobs because they wont mind if they get killed because they get to go to heaven anyway?

I have a long drive home and get very bored sometimes :-)

PS. I don’t advocate homicide in any way shape or form. I don’t advocate for anyone to drive recklessly or disobey the road rules, and I don’t really advocate that people should disregard safety or be forced to work in hazardous jobs.

Also, I have justed wasted well over 40 times more time writing this blog than any slow driver ever caused me, but gave myself a bit of light hearted relief in the process.

Cheers all.

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13 Comments to “get out of my way”

  1. Protium says:

    ha ha.. I loved that, well worth the time :)

  2. Saved Sinner says:

    Hi Oz,
    I have seen your posts on Bryan’s Faith Works.
    I have been a christian for over 30 years now.

    I read here,that you said, “you KNOW there is no heaven”
    I also have had people say to me that as a christian
    I cannot say that ‘I KNOW there IS a heaven”

    I guess that cancels out both our arguments,
    don’t you think?



  3. Saved Sinner says:

    Hi Oz,
    I thought you might like to reply to my comment above?



  4. What is this heaven of which you speak? Describe it for me for me?

  5. Saved Sinner says:

    Hi Sean,
    I need to appeal to a higher authority than my own,because my attempt to describe it to you,will always fall short of an accurate description.

    I am a mere mortal,a man of limitations,lost in this great cosmos,this great expanse we call our world and its surrounding universe.

    And where is heaven amongst this great cosmos?
    Is it the sky above us?
    Is it out there somewhere in the black holes of the universe?
    Or is it beyond our known universe,floating aimlessly beyond the sixth dimension?

    I need to appeal to a higher authority Sean, an authority that supercedes any definition of ‘heaven’ that I could ever think up.

    And what is that authority?
    Well, the authority of the Holy Bible, where we read that God Himself,created this world and universe and everything beyond this universe.

    And if God did create this world and universe,then surely He must reign in His heaven,dictating events on His earth,that you and I are involved in everyday Sean.

    Heaven,is another word for ‘Paradise’,which we read in the biblical account of Genesis,where the first human-beings were kicked out because of their rebellion and their rejection of God.

    But God did not leave them to wallow in their own man-made hell.
    God did not leave them to desecrate,destroy,pollute and to kill each other.
    God did not leave them to die,to be eternally separated from Himself.

    God did rectify the problem of rebellion and sin.
    He left heaven to walk on this earth and to tell people that there is life after death.
    He said that if anyone followed Him, He would offer them Eternal Life.

    This world is decaying Sean. This world is fast passing away.
    This world and everything in it,is fast approaching its ‘use by’ date.
    This world with all its hate for God,and for each other will not last for much longer.

    You see Sean,heaven is a place where God resides.
    In heaven you will find there is no sin,no tears, no death,no murder,no lies.

    I cannot describe heaven to you Sean,but I KNOW that,that is where I am going.

    I am looking forward to the NEW HEAVEN and NEW EARTH that God will usher in when He returns.

    This old earth is passing away……………fast.
    This will be hell on earth,when the Spirit of God has been withdrawn.

    I am already a citizen of the new one,Sean.I am headed for paradise.



  6. ozatheist says:

    Question for you SS before I answer your original question as to ‘how can I know’.

    Do the following gods exist?

    Greek Gods
    The current Top Ten:
    1st : ARES
    2nd : HADES
    3rd : ATLAS
    4th : ZEUS
    5th : CRONUS
    6th : FATES
    7th : APOLLO
    8th : URANUS
    9th : NIKE
    10th : APHRODITE

    Roman Gods
    The current Top Ten:
    1st : VENUS
    2nd : PLUTO
    3rd : CUPID
    4th : MARS
    5th : BACCHUS
    6th : JUPITER
    7th : LUCIFER
    8th : MERCURY
    9th : NEPTUNE
    10th : VULCAN

    Egyptian Gods
    The current Top Ten:
    1st : HATHOR
    2nd : BAST
    3rd : SHU
    4th : ISIS
    5th : NUT
    6th : GEB
    7th : THOTH
    8th : SEKHMET
    9th : TEFNUT
    10th : NEPHTHYS

    (lists taken from http://www.godchecker.com)

    Well SS, and anyone else who cares to answer, do the above gods exist?
    Yes or No?

  7. Saved Sinner says:

    Question1:Which one of these gods created the universe?

    Question2: When is a god,not a god?
    Answer:When it acknowledges the only one true God.

    Hey Oz,
    check this out.


    and for all you Dawkins fans




  8. Checked out SS’s site, an impressive pile of horseshit.

  9. Saved Sinner says:

    Gee, thanks Sean.



  10. SS,

    Sorry that was the site that SS linked too. I would not want to disparage his actual site as I have not yet seen it – that is unless SS is the owner of godandscience

  11. Saved Sinner says:

    the only website I have is a poetry blog.
    probably an impressive pile of cowshit,
    but who cares.



  12. SS,

    I write bad poetry too :)

    Seriously man if the godandscience website does it for you then you are welcome to it, all I see is devious and deceptive propaganda more lying for jesus stuff.

  13. Saved Sinner says:

    I respect you for your views,even if I don’t agree with them.
    We all have opinions about what is important in our life,and if you
    believe that there is no such thing as God,then I respect your non-belief.

    Who am I to try and make you think otherwise.

    As for me,
    I ‘found’ Christ or more correctly Christ ‘found’ me over 30 years ago.

    I place my faith in him,for my past,my present and my future.



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