Seeing as I’m suffering from writers block (see last post) I thought I’d post another picture.

This is my Christmas Tree, which is hanging upside down from the ceiling. Why? Why not?


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10 Comments to “merry whatever from downunder”

  1. LOVE IT! Why didn’t I think of doing that?

    Well done!!

  2. Poodles says:

    I love the upside down tree idea… more room for presents.

  3. Protium says:

    no… that’s just not right…

  4. wineymomma says:

    that is so totally AWESOME

  5. wineymomma says:

    love the new header by the way!

  6. novparl says:

    Neat idea! I just ignore Christmas m’self. Not a card, not a present, not a drink. Well, a few pints of vodka but I drink that most days. Seerusly tho’, Xmas is so boring why bother with it? No-one ever persecutes me for ignoring it.

  7. (((Billy))) says:

    From the northern hemisphere, the tree looks right.

  8. ozatheist says:

    @novparl, I was going to ignore it as well this year, wasn’t going to bother with a tree or decorations, but my friends wanted me to do my traditional Christmas Champagne and Croissant Breakfast. So not to disappoint them I put up the tree – they are in for a shock when they see it!!

    @(((Billy))) LOL

    PS – if anyone’s in the area on Christmas morning drop in for free champagne and croissants (plain, with ham and cheese, or with strawberry jam; your choice)

  9. novparl says:

    Champagne & croissants? Who says Ozzies are Philistines!

  10. sillygoat76 says:

    Next year, we’re doing the festivus pole. Must less fuss.

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