Since becoming a ‘new atheist’ I’ve reflected on my past when I used to be a Christian and, at one stage, very ‘Religious’. One of the things I’ve thought about is – I wonder if I ever adversely affected someone’s life through my Christian efforts?

I remember ‘bible bashing’ on the street corner in Adelaide as an older teen and inviting people to come along to some shindig we were holding. We had comedians, bands and the guy who wrote and sang ‘On the Eve of Destruction’ (which I thought was way cool at the time) plus, of course, all the usual bible thumping, though in a friendly way, a bit like some of the ‘happy clappy’ cults these days.

I now wonder if any of those people we spoke to ever ‘converted to god’, looking back on it, with my atheist eyes, I hope not! In fact I have had a few moments of guilt/shame lately about some of the things I did as a Christian (like the above story).

I was wondering; do other ex-Christians feel guilty about what they said or did whilst they were Christians?

I hope some of the people from Debunking Christianity  have a read and provide feedback.


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3 Comments to “Do Ex-Christians Feel Guilty About Past Deeds?”

  1. Ken Perrott says:

    I think guilt is common when people change their beliefs, especially involving actions undertaken under the previous belief. In fact, I think guilt is a problem common to many people. As for dealing with it – I think its a matter of dealing with negative thoughts – guilt, shame, personal hate, etc. There are techniques out there offering ways of doing this.

    Let’s face it. We all have things in our past we are ashamed of.

  2. Bruce says:

    Just an aside, which Adelaide are you in/from? Adelaide, South Australia by any chance?

  3. ozatheist says:

    Bruce, correct guess, to further enlighten:
    born – near Liverpool, England,
    grew up – Adelaide, South Australia (SA)
    worked – Melbourne, VIC; Adelaide, SA; Perth WA; NSW (where I currently live)

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