Sometimes a picture with words says more than just a picture.

Some Christmas greetings and words of wisdom:

appropriated-pagan-ritualor more to the point, how up-tight and stupid the religious are. LOL

the-messiah-is-still-lateBWAHAHA, I’m not sorry.

buy-buy-you-bitchesluv the speech bubble

happy-consumer-holidaynow that’s more like what this time of year is really all about

santa-knew-too-muchdon’t tell the littlies


one last one that has nothing to do with Christmas, I just like it, then again I’m a bit weird like that


wonder what the question isĀ  **snerk**


Have a nice holiday people, I’m on leave for the next two weeks, but I’ll still be blogging.

Hat Tip to Tracey Treasure, via Vamp, for finding the wrongcards site (where all these pics were ripped from), why not send one to friends, I know I did.

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9 Comments to “more Bah Humbug”

  1. vjack says:

    My favorite is the “So some Italians” one, but they are all good. Funny stuff. If I was sending cards to anyone this year, I’d have to look into these.

  2. We like the same cards. There are SO MANY good ones.
    I wish I’d thought of doing the wrongcards. I’m kicking myself!!

    Hope the next two weeks are great ones for you!! Happy Holidays to you too!!

    BTW- Love the snow on your site! Hate the stuff outside!!

  3. Poodles says:

    Oh yea! Snow!

  4. Enshoku says:

    So my boyfriend doesn’t know if you are in to this, but he wanted me to ask… have you read the good book?

  5. These are pretty funny!!!
    And they add nicely to the holiday spirit. Something for me to look at while sipping hot cocoa and listening to Bing Crosby.
    I’m a proud atheist and I still love Christmas.

  6. weez says:

    If there was more X in xmas, something involving wine made from water and a lot of laying-on-of-hands, I reckon the xians would get a lot more participation. I’d be there with bells on. ;)

  7. TinaFCD says:

    i thought the Santa one was hilarious, but then again, I live in da hood!

  8. novparl says:

    Rather baffled to hear on Radio Guardian (BBC Radio 4 offishly), Richard Dawkins being interviewed by Jarvis Cocker (if he means anything in Oz) on an atheist’s Chris-mas (Chris who?), and saying he likes to sing proper carols with references to baby Jeeezus, but not Jingle Bells. (I’ve just discovered a better game – replacing Jesus & Saviour with “Satan”. Much more fun.)

    Love the snowflakes. If only I cd do sunning like that!

    Good game at the WACA, eh you blokes?

  9. vamp says:

    oh man, I’m having another acid flashback. Oh no, wait, it’s that damn snow again.

    Happy New Year.

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