I was tagged by Bruce from The Thinker’s Podium with this meme:

The rules for this one are simple.

  1. Describe your earliest memory where this memory is clear, where clear means you can depict at least three details.
  2. Give an estimate of how old you were at this age.
  3. Tag five other bloggers with this meme.

Here goes:

I have a fairly hopeless memory recall, I often find it difficult to recall things from years ago. Memories usually come to me all of a sudden, something, often completely unrelated, will trigger off a memory and then away I’ll go. So…

My earliest memory is from when I was about 4 1/2 years old. I was watching TV and there was a documentary about the side affects of smoking (this was many years ago before the hazards of smoking were as well known as now) . I remember being quite upset because my Dad smoked at that time. I also remember it was a fairly graphic program, which at the age of 4 I probably shouldn’t have been watching. I remember my Mum was in the kitchen at the time and going in to see her after watching the program and discussing it with her. When my Dad came home from work that evening I pleaded with him to stop smoking (which he did).

Seeing as I was so slow in blogging this I got memed twice and most of the people I was going to tag already have been. So I’m going to tag some random blogs:

Friendly Atheist, Greta Christina, No More Hornets, Unorthodox Atheism, Lacrimae Rerum

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  1. Hey, I forgot to post here to let you know I’ve responded to the tag.

    edited by OzAtheist to make link work.

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