I wasn’t going to bother blogging today, but when I heard this headline on the news, I knew I had to say something.

In the Pope’s annual Christmas speech he stated that:

… saving humanity from homosexual or transsexual behaviour is just as important as saving the rainforest from destruction. from ABC News

Reading between the lines the Pope seems to be inferring that if nothing is done to stop them ‘teh gays’ will take over the world, and humanity will then fade away. Well unless everyone on the planet suddenly becomes homosexual, and I for one am not about to (sorry guys, LOL), I don’t think we have anything to worry about.

I think I can confidently state that heterosexuals are as likely to become homosexual as homosexuals are to become heterosexual. I don’t think the Pope realises that your sexuality is not something you choose. Just because you legalise homosexuality, and give the GLBT community all the same rights and privileges as everyone else, it will not suddenly cause everyone to decide to become gay.

Quite rightly gay groups and activists have labelled the Pope’s comments as irresponsible and unacceptable.

Even one of Australia’s Catholic Bishops has criticised the Pope’s comments.

Happy Christmas Pope, you twat.

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10 Comments to “Pope wants humanity ‘saved’ from homosexuality”

  1. How Catholics can live with this shit I will never know. On second thoughts they do believe in virgin births and wafers becoming the holiday home for a zombie god.

  2. vjack says:

    Crap! I hope Obama doesn’t hear this and decide to have the damn Pope speak at his inauguration!

  3. commonsmith says:

    Good ol’ pope. Quite clearly both environmental damage and homosexuality both threaten the planet towards extinction….

  4. sillygoat76 says:

    Have hope. One day, we’ll travel in space, be able to cure any disease and be free from this kind of ignorance forever. And on that day, we’ll treat people like people.

    Humanity will figure it out, we always do. Unless we extinct ourselves first.

  5. paulneedzafriend says:

    I understand all the different angles on this issue.
    I can’t but wonder why so many people ignore THE SCIENTIFIC FACT that humans were meant to live life in harems and that the denial of this arouses most all of our modern day problems.
    If lived in our natural state none of the aforementioned phenomena would exist or precipitate problems amongst us humans.
    take a look at THIS ARTICLE.

  6. I think the Pope needs to get laid!! LOL!! :)

    What does he know? :???:

  7. weez says:

    Wonder if Ratzo’s homophobia comes from the time he was in the Hitler Youth, or if he just struggled with his sexual identity later in life.

  8. Docter D says:

    Check your facts. The above quote is NOT from the pope – it’s from ABC News, i.e. it’s their interpretation of what they think the pope meant. This may or may not be correct. In any case, it is NOT what the pope “stated”, as you put it.
    The pope may be a goof but we shouldn’t make up his words. Transcripts of the actual address are available all over the web.

  9. novparl says:

    @vjack. Great suggestion. Think of the TV audience. And the price of commercials wd be as high – as at the Superb-owl. & they cd get Britney to have a total wardrobe malfunction. That’d interest Ratzy.

  10. Miss Sled says:

    Oh Pet…you havent noticed that the ABC is usually spot on and much more on the ball then channel nine, ten or seven (in my personal opinion)????
    Rather then being a sensationalist station such as seven…the ABC seem to broadcast REAL news. REAL facts. not that BS today tonight love to stir up.
    The ABC’s interpretation is as accurate as it will get. I should know. I work in broadcasting.
    And the pope is more then a goof. He stands for so many people around the world and then to come and say that to the community…well he’s certainly helping to convert more of us gays by trying to insult us and alienate us.
    ~Marisa xo.

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