who wrote this, when and what were they writing about:

“It is the month of December, and yet the whole city is in a sweat! Festivity at State expense is given unrestricted licence … should we take off our …  … and have dinner parties … like … the festive hatted crowd … all on pleasure bent? Remaining dry and sober takes a good deal more strength of will when everyone about is puking drunk.”


If you thought it was some xtian fundie recently talking about Christmas, you’d be mistaken. It was Seneca the Roman giving an account of Saturnalia, about 40-50 AD(?).

A week long festival “… when everyone about is puking drunk.” sounds like my kind of party. Christians and there one day festival, pheewy.

Thanks to my pals over at AFA for the link and quote.


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One Comment to “more Bah Humbug”

  1. max says:

    christians must have plagiarized it ..

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