A good dose of Christianity on TV last night (ABC).

First up – Vicar of Dibley – I love this show and had a good laugh last night, some memorable lines (not verbatim):

When the Vicar asks the new guy in town if he reads the Bible

“I don’t read fiction.”

When the Vicar prays to the picture of Jesus for the new guy (who she has the hots for) to return. Almost immediately the door knocks and the guy is there. After he leaves the Vicar runs back to the picture of Jesus and says (something like)

“you are incredible”

After Vicar of Dibley was another favourite show of mine – Worst Jobs in History – this was a Christmas Special episode. Tony ran the gamut of Christmas history starting with Saturnalia and the job of vomit cleaner, through faggoters, boar head stuffers and turkey pluckers.

There was a fair bit of the history of Christmas in this episode, but the thing that intrigued me most was the banning of Christmas in 1644 (till 1660). I did some research today and found out the ban was brought about because the Puritans didn’t like the excesses that were happening during the festival period. They even banned mince pies! If your interested there is a good article here.

Stay tuned for a review of East West 101 (SBS 8:30pm tonight) tomorrow.

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2 Comments to “Last Night’s TV Viewing”

  1. the chaplain says:

    I love the Vicar of Dibley. Great show!

  2. seantheblogonaut says:

    I have all the Vicar of Dibley dvds. Alice aboslutely cracks me up.

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