According to ABC news:

Italian film and opera legend Franco Zeffirelli says he has agreed to become an image consultant to Pope Benedict XVI.

the story then goes on to say:

The pope does not have a “happy image”

Well a lot of people don’t have a happy image of the pope, but for very good reasons.

He doesn’t make me happy, but then I guess the only thing the pope could do to make me happy is to announce to the world that he’s got it all wrong, there is no god, the RC church is a money making sham and everyone gets free condoms.

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2 Comments to “Pope to get image makeover”

  1. the chaplain says:

    Too funny. Of only the Pope’s problem were so trivial! An image makeover of any kind won’t do any good if it’s merely a mask for the rot that resides in his mind and spews out of this mouth.

  2. Why stop at the pope… there are many religious leaders that could do with a makeover.
    I just love the idea of how the conversations might go…
    ‘You look great in gold but I think you have to use it sparingly” :)

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