ozatheist on February 24th, 2008

From the Kansas City Star comes an excellent article praising atheists. With headings like: Atheists are well-behaved.Atheists make good neighbors.Atheists will not infringe upon your life uninvited. You know you are in for some good reading.  I particularly liked the ending statement: Right-wing Christianity shook the atheist community out of its complacency with its relentless [...]

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ozatheist on February 11th, 2008

The SMH has been headlining the weekend news with stories of taxpayers over funding private schools to the tune of $2b (yes, that is two Billion dollars). As if that isn’t bad enough, it turns out that some of this money is going to schools which teach Creationism and/or Intelligent Design! Sean the Blogonaut has [...]

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ozatheist on January 14th, 2008

Richard Dawkins’ ‘The God Delusion’ is being released in paperback in America this week, to mark the occasion an advert was to be published in The New York Times (NYT) Sunday Book Review section, you can see a copy of the advert here. As the advert says, it seems like it was a bad year for [...]

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ozatheist on November 21st, 2007

Family First deny harassing abortion clinic patients Democrats Leader Lyn Allison says security guards at the East Melbourne clinic have told her protesters often yell at women entering the clinic and follow them down the street. Whilst Family First deny harassing anyone, just their mere presence could be considered harassment by some. Brethren, Brown square off before [...]

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ozatheist on October 26th, 2007

Catholic Archbishop George Pell is out of touch on climate change. Pell’s out of touch with everything! One of Pell’s comments on the issue: “My task as a Christian leader is to engage with reality, to contribute to debate on important issues, to open people’s minds…” The article I’ve referenced was written by Anglican Bishop Browning, it’s [...]

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ozatheist on October 26th, 2007

The Knights Templar weren’t heretics after all, says the Vatican. Atheists aren’t a bad lot. I could have told Dan this, but he says it quite eloquently. Sweden to suppress religion in schools. Don’t we all wish this would happen everywhere? Technorati tags:   atheism,  atheist,  religion,  christianity,  news,  morality, 

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ozatheist on October 12th, 2007

Good to see commonsense prevails. Qld Parliament passes embryonic stem cell Bill I agree with Peregrine’s comment, I wonder what they would say? Technorati tags: atheism, atheist, health, politics,

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ozatheist on October 2nd, 2007

As reported in the Brisbane Times: Swedish artist Lars Vilks is contemplating creating a musical about his portrayal of the Prophet Muhammad as a dog, and the subsequent furor, death threats and censorship. As he says: “…it’s not really against Muslims, it’s just the principle of being able to insult religions.”  

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ozatheist on October 1st, 2007

From smh THE number of Australians identifying themselves as Christian will plummet over the next 20 years as an ageing generation of dedicated churchgoers dies out It seems there’s not enough children being indoctrinated into the church, and actual growth by conversion is very low. Christian adherence was likely to settle at 50 per cent [...]

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ozatheist on September 27th, 2007

Those Catholics are at it again, they still don’t want people to use condoms. So if they can’t convince or bully them, then they try scaring them. ABC news reports: The head of the Catholic Church in Mozambique is reportedly claiming that condoms and some drug treatments are deliberately infected with the AIDS virus as a part [...]

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